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Part I: Installing the Ordering Tools

Installing the tool that shuttles the data between Calyx Point and the XSites Network is simple.

  1. In Calyx Point, open or start a file.
  2. Click Interfaces in the toolbar and choose Appraisals…
  3. Click the entry for a la mode, inc. Mercury Network and then click Install…  Your system will go online and download the setup for the XSites Network integration.

  4. Click Run in the window that appears. If a security warning pops up asking if you're sure that you want to run this installation file, click Run again.
  5. A setup wizard starts to guide you through the installation. Simply follow the steps that walk you through the installation, clicking Next between each step.  When the installation is complete, click Finish.

You're now ready to place your first order.

Part II: Ordering Appraisals through the XSites Network

Using your new integration tools with Point you don't have to retype any data to place an electronic appraisal order. And, since the appraisers on the XSites Network have status tools built into their websites, you can check the status of your appraisals online through their websites and may even get status e-mails so that you don't have to call the appraiser.

  1. Open or create a borrower or prospect file in Calyx Point. Then, when you're ready to order the appraisal, choose the Appraisals... option in the Interfaces menu.
  2. Click a la mode, inc. Mercury Network. Then, click Send Data and Point will take you online to a special section of the XSites Network designed for Calyx Point users wishing to order appraisals.
  3. If you have an a la mode Mortgage XSite, choose Mortgage XSite Order. Otherwise, choose XSites Network Appraisal Order.

  • If you indicated that you're a Mortgage XSite Owner, type your Username and Password in the fields provided and click OK. The system will log you into your XSite and fill out the appraisal order form for you. Just click Next to search for an appraiser and click Select when you find one to place the order.
  • If you're not a Mortgage XSite Owner, just select an appraiser you wish to order from and click Order an Appraisal. The system will take you directly to that appraiser's website. All you need to do is create a Username and Password (Or type your XSites Network Username and Password in the fields provided if you already have one) and click Next to place the order.